Vaginal Itching

Vaginal Itching or itching of the labia

Burning and itching of the labia – causes. Burning and discomfort of the vulva (itching of the labia, near the clitoris, at the entrance to the vagina) can be caused by various reasons. As a rule, this is not an independent disease, but a symptom of a number of other diseases, more often genital infections.

Of all the places on your body that can cause intense itching and burn, itching of the labia can be considered the most terrible. It is not so easy to scratch the bikini area in the presence of strangers. When you feel this unbearable desire, then perhaps the main problem is how to quietly scratch « there. »

Before you understand why this area itches, you need to find out what exactly itches. There is a difference between vulvar itching (which usually occurs around or between the labia) and vaginal itching (which occurs at the entrance to the vagina). And the state when the hands themselves climb under the linen in order to somehow alleviate the very strong itchy sensations in the area of ​​\u200b\u200blarge and small lips can be caused in girls by not one, but many factors.

Most often, the labia minora in women can itch for the following reasons:

  • due to the action of external stimuli: infections, pollution, thermal (especially cooling) and mechanical (rough washing, masturbation, etc.) factors, chemical irritants (drugs, antibiotics for example);
  • vaginal, cervical acne with infections and other inflammatory diseases;
  • with a pronounced form of vaginal dysbacteriosis, there is a burning sensation and severe itching in the region of the labia minora and swelling of the entrance to the vagina;
  • diseases of internal organs and metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, chronic nephritis, etc.);
  • violations of the functions of the endocrine system (during pregnancy, menstruation, menopause);
  • concomitant diseases – tumors (some types of cancer of the genital organs). Itching caused by malignant neoplasms of the vulva very quickly turns into pain;
  • psychogenic factors (fear of surgery, severe nervous shock, etc.). Most often, itching of the vulva of a psychogenic nature occurs in impressionable women against the background of psycho-emotional upheavals affecting the sphere of intimate relationships.
  • In girls, itching may appear due to violation of the rules of intimate hygiene, frequent use of scented pads, and tampons, and even when wearing synthetic and too tight underwear. With an increase in the size of the external genital organs – hypertrophy, there may be severe itching, peeling, and inflammation.

Itching of intimate lips at night

More intense itching at night in this area can be caused by pinworms – small parasites, helminths that can live in the colon or rectum. But in this case, itching is usually closer to the rectum than to the genitals.

Lips also itch at night from thrush, because. according to a number of researchers, the fungus tends to activate vital activity in the dark. Cheesy discharge, redness around the lips and vulva, and itching are classic signs of a yeast infection.

Itchy lips after shaving and waxing

Your bikini line can be burned during laser hair removal, or irritated by shaving or waxing. When we wax or shave anywhere on the body, we break the integrity of the skin. If you are sensitive to it, redness, itching, and burning may occur. If you have curly or thick hair, you are more at risk for skin injuries and ingrown hairs. Lack of access to quality epilators and razors can also put you at risk of itching due to irritation caused by wax on the labia majora.

Experts recommend applying a hypoallergenic cream or lotion after waxing or deep bikini waxing to protect the skin and keep it dry and clean. If redness and itching have become a constant problem for you, you may need to stop epilating, do it less often, or switch to milder products that are better for your skin type.

Itching between intimate lips

Tight, tight underwear made of synthetic materials, stuck into the delicate external genitalia of a girl, can cause severe itching between the labia. Many gynecologists suggest wearing such clothes only on special occasions. For everyday use, it is better to buy underwear made of cotton or other natural materials with a free cut. For intimate hygiene, it is not recommended to buy scented pads – they contain fragrances that are considered quite strong allergens. Tampons or pads should be changed as often as possible.

If itching of the vulva and labia is accompanied by the following symptoms, you should consult a doctor:

  • pain or burning during intercourse or urination;
  • pain in the genital or pelvic area;
  • redness or swelling of the external genitalia;
  • strange blisters or spots on the vulva;
  • discharge from the vagina of an atypical color;
  • the discharge is frothy or has a curdled consistency;
  • bad smell.

Labia is the main cause of itching

Separately, it is worth mentioning those cases when irritation, burning, and itching of the lips are caused by the peculiarities of their structure. Often, the female genital organs are elongated on one or both sides, have an uneven, thickened edge, and there is an increase in the labia.

An active lifestyle, playing active sports, wearing tight underwear or clothes, and sometimes regular sex can cause severe irritation and dryness. This causes itching on the inside of the lips and red color on the inside with a layer of white discharge. And to solve this problem caused by the excessive size of the lips, you can resort to the operation of labioplasty.

If you have or have any of the above problems, you should consult a gynecologist. Based on your complaints, clinical manifestations and test results, our doctor will determine the cause and prescribe treatment.

What examination can be ordered:

  • gynecological examination;
  • colposcopy;
  • smear for flora and PCR;
  • tests for latent infections.


Since the appearance of severe itching, in this case, most often indicates the presence of an infection, it is quite possible that it is of a sexually transmitted nature, the first means of prevention is a proven partner and a condom. Also, take care of your health – avoid stress, hypothermia, and other factors that reduce immunity. Regular visits to the gynecologist and a minimum of tests will reduce the chances of itching and dry lips.

What to do if you notice that the intimate organs itch? First of all, immediately change your underwear to products made from natural fabrics, as well as cosmetic and hygiene products that you used. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor to switch to a similar drug. Particular attention should be paid to your daily diet – discomfort in the bikini area can be an allergic reaction to certain foods.

The skin in the bikini area is very delicate and sensitive, and itching of the labia majora or minora can be a sign of the development of many infectious or inflammatory diseases in the female body. If, after all the actions described above, the lips continue to itch, you should contact an experienced gynecologist who will conduct an examination, identify the causes of discomfort and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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