Étiqueté : Cholesterol Lowering

Hyperlipidemia is an elevation of lipids in the bloodstream. People with hyperlipidemia are at risk for coronary artery disease, an accumulation of plaque along the walls of the coronary arteries, and atherosclerosis, an accumulation of plaque in other major arteries of the body.
Evaluation of lipid fractions is essential before therapy for hyperlipidemia is initiated. Treatment may include dietary changes, weight reduction, exercise, and medications.
It is necessary to identify and treat any underlying problem, such as diabetes. If there is no contributing problem, the primary treatment for Types II, III, and IV is often dietary management – namely restricting cholesterol intake.
The most effective treatment for Type V hyperlipoproteinemia is often weight reduction and long-term maintenance of a low-fat diet.
Drugs and a special diet may help, but the chance of a cure is uncertain because the person with Type V risks developing pancreatitis.
Increased fat intake may cause recurrent bouts of illness, possibly leading to the formation of cysts, hemorrhage, and death.

Cholesterol medication :

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